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The second city of Spain but first centre of Catalunia,Barcelona is a metropolis which overlooks the sea and holds in its tradition a mixed and different variety of cultures and usages. Its marked catalan soul expresses the real nature of a city which is so much jealous of its culture and ancient traditions that has preserved its own language from falling into oblivion during Francoist dictatorship. The other side of Barcelona is that one of a cosmopolitan city always open to foreign cultures, which are arrived here thanks to the local working harbour and to the closeness of national borders and which have been reinterpreted here in an original way. The Catalan capital, a lively cultural city, has been protagonist of a great economic progress, and now it expresses also a strenght updating willingness, both as far as concern a civil reorganization (is the Eixample case) and a structural one(the new structures builded for 1992 olimpic games). The tourist who comes in Barcelona discovers both a modern and ancient city at the same time,where two different styles come beside ,the catalan gotic and the moderrnist architecture, and where the frequent approach between an old fishermen’s quarter and an olympic city aren’t so much disrespectful. The beautiful architectures and artistic masterpieces of the city together with a tasteful cooking and a lively nightlife have made Barcelona one of the most favourite world travellers’destination.
The first historical data about Barcelona date back to the 2nd Century b.C and they mention a city named Barkeno founded by the Carthaginians and later conquered by the Romans becoming a settlement called Colonia Favencia Julia Augusta Paterna Barcino. Afterwards this area has been conquered respectively by the Visigoths, the Moorishes and then by the Frankishes of Charlemagne who proclaimed Barcelona as the capital of “Marca Hispanica”.The marriage between the only heir of the Catalan dinasty and the direct
descendant of Aragon and the consequent union of the two regions mark the beginning of a prosperous period for the whole Catalunia. The unity of the Nation including Castile,Aragon and Catalunia was reached in 1474,thanks to the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon with Isabel of Castile. Barcelona lost progressively its economic and commercial importance because of the increase of the docks from overseas;. A feeling of national independence began to emerge growing more and more over the centuries. The first real declaration of independence date back to 1931 when the constitution of”generalitat de Catalunya” was proclaimed , but the glory of the Spanish capital lasted just until the civil war when the city , republican fortress, in 1939 was invaded by the Francoist army . Only when the “Generalissimo” Franco died (1975) and when the the young bourbon monarch Juan Carlos of Borbone embarked on a new democratic programme, Catalunia became independent and attained an own self-governing Parliament.
News and number
Inhabitants: 1.700.000
Area: 7.773 square kilometres*
Nation: Barcelona is the capital of Catalunia, autonomous Spanish community.
Language: The official languages spoken in Barcelona are catalan and castilian
Domestic Currency: running from first january 2002 euro has become the official currency.
Time Zone: in the winter GMT + 1 hour,instead in the summer GMT+2 hours.
Religion: Catholic Majority
Papers: For the citizens of EEC it is sufficient the identity card but the immigrants from a country outside the european community need the passport.

* (the datum refers to the whole country)
Barcelona – Rome: 1.130 km
Barcelona – Paris: 1.030 km
Barcelona – Berlin: 1.830 km
Barcelona – Lisbon: 1.285 km
Barcelona – Madrid: 630 km
Barcelona – Geneva: 755 km
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