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Welcome to Vortal City Network
Located one at the beginning and the other one at the end of the Ramblas, Plaça de Catalunya and Plaça del Portal del Pau are the most important in the city centre; from the first one, which is wide and really well-kept start the principal directions of Barcelona; instead the second one overlooks the sea and honours Cristopher Columbus with a statue at the bottom, with a 50 metres high column. The heart of Barri Gothic is Plaça Sant Juame which has always been the politic and administrative centre of the city: on the opposite sides of the square there are Palau de la Generalitat
Plaça del Portal del Pau
(authonomous Catalan Government) and Casa de la Ciutat, which is the town hall of Barcelona. Also the rectangular square Plaça del Real is inside Barri gotic quarter, just round the Cathedral; in this square we can find the the building of Palau Reial Maior. Also Plaça d’Espanya square has an important position and precedes the hill of Montjuic. It has a round shape and contains the fountain named ”Spain offered to God” and it is the starting point of the most important streets of the city such as Avinguda de la Garn, Via de les Corts Catalanes and Avinguda Paralel.
Plaça del Palau
It is between França station and Santa Maria del Mar; this square includes gardens and a fountain with some allegorical statues.
Plaça Reial
This square was builded in the nineteenth century and it is located nearby the Ramblas,surrounded by arcades and lighted up by streetlights which are designed by Gaudi. On sunday a philatelic market takes place.
Plaça Reial
Plaça Nova
Inside Barri Gotic,it includes in the close Portal del Bisbe the two towers which composed the romanic front entrance of the city.
Plaça del Pi
It is located between the Cathedral and the ramblas ,and its homonymous gotic church overlooks the square.
Plaça de l’Angel
Inside Barri Gotic,it is the only square which includes the remains of the old roman walls,dated III century.
Plaça de la Boqueria
As a floor,the square has a Mirò’s mosaic which is nearby the Ramblas,just round a lively covered market.
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