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how to reach

By airplane: the international airport of Barcelona is located in a place named “El prat de llobregat” about 14 km southwards far from the city centre. Its terminal is the second most important in Spain which manages the main international and european air routes.The passengers can reach the centre of Barcelona both by train (in the railway stations Sants and Plaça de Catalunya the arrivals are every 30 minutes from 6 a.m to 10.40 p.m) and by bus; also those people who choose this second way will get off at terminal station of Plaça de Catalunya.

By train: the whole railway line which winds through Catalunia is managed by RENFE (national enterprise) that guarantees excellent links with the other Spanish and foreign cities. The railway station called France (França) is both the point of arrival and the starting one for express trains (TALGO) which join the most important european cities. Other reference stations for european railway links are Passeig de Gracia and Sants.

By car: the motorway E15 (A7) connects the Spanish road network to the French one for those people coming from west. Those tourists coming from north Europe can drive along the A2 which links the city to Madrid and to the Basque districts. The travellers who want to reach Barcelona by car should remember that all the motorways which start from the city are fee-paying.

By boat: the port of Barcelona is one of the best reference call among all European ones as far as concern the touristic stream which welcome about 500.000 visitors every year. Besides being a prestigious call for many holiday cruisers,the catalan port offers some links with Italy (Genova) and Balearic islands (Ibiza and Maiorca).

how to move

Underground: the underground is the handiest mean to cross the city quickly and easily. The underground network has 5 lines and more than one hundred stations, open every day ; during the week the underground timetable goes from 5 a.m to 12 p.m,instead before a holiday and in some holidays the timetables are extended until 2 a.m. In particular occasions the underground network is connected to the public transports: this happens for Montjüc hills and Tibidabo, both reachable by funicular,preceded for the second destination by the suggestive “tramvia blau”.

Bus/Catalan Railway: more than 800 buses going along Barcelona’s streets, run every day from 6 a.m to 23 p.m; some night lines are also available. An alternative solution is the tram service,managed by the railways of Generalitat de la Catalunya. Of the three lines, two run through the regional roads instead the other one works on urban lines.

Tramvia Blau

Tickets: the best way of using the well organized public transports network of the city is that one of buying a group ticket for all public transports that can be valid for one or five days. These tickets allow the unlimited use of underground, bus line and Catalan railways and they can be bought at underground’s ticket office, at public offices of TMB (buses company) or at tourist information offices.

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